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Framing and Print Terms
Distressed Pine


©Michael Cooper

All images on this site are copyright the artist, Michael Cooper. The purchase of original paintings does not include the purchase of the copyright. All rights remain the property of the artist and will remain the property of his estate or heirs for 70 years after death. 


Picture Frames - do not grow on trees - but wood does.All frames are made from woods from sustainable sources finish. Please allow 21 days for framed prints

Framed Originals
Originals are listed with  frame details already but should you require any different framing please do not hesitate to ask

Standard Frame
Distressed Pine Frames


This is now our standard ftraming   Distressed Pine - 2½" wide pine with distressed battered effect.    Adds approx 5’’ to both image size measurements  - 


Limited Editions

Each limited edition print is individually signed in pencil and numbered by myself and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
For instance a signature and 123/250 means that it is print No 123 of an edition of 250 standard copies.

Sometimes I will do what is called an Artist Proof Copy  these are collectors items that harp back to the days when the artist had a few of the first good proof copies for himself.
Artists Proof copies may be a small number in addition to the standard run, for example say 20 such copies on an edition of 550 would be permisable. The artists proof copies I also Remarque which means that it will be enhanced with a small thumbnail sketch on the surface of the print usually by the pencil signature.

So Remarqueed Artists Proof copies are regarded by some people as being desirable collectors items and obviously cost more that the standard limited edition.

Alway remember though to buy a picture for your personal enjoyment any later increase in price is a bonus not as some adverts in some magazine or colour supplements imply a guaranteed right.

Giclée Prints

Also limited edition prints, produced with the newer giclée printing system which is extremely good and allows one to undertake smaller editions and make the image available in more than one size.

Giclées are printed on  290 gsm Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. A renewable resource certified archival grade acid free paper,

Signed Open Editions

Though individually signed by the artist these prints are not limited in number and if need be could run into further editions - Cheaper that Ltd Editions.

Image Size

As I vignette my paintings - that is I fade them out to white, for nothing in nature has a rectangle around it - the image area stated is - 'The area of the picture and the white space around it that I intend to be the total composition' - the area that looks best within the window of the mount or matt.

Having said this we have been asked by a number of customers it there are any smaller versions of certain limited editions.To this end I have selected a few prints where it has been possible to crop the image a little to create a
smaller framed size. This has resulted in some prints in the catalogue also having a narrower version.

Also customers buying unframed prints will find that my white surround area does allow some litle  lee way should they be trying to fit prints to ready made or second hand frames.