Greeting Cards
Michael Cooper Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are Back- well a few of them at least

Over the years there must have been hundreds of thousands of greeting cards with my images purchased by customers through the country. At first they were published by a company in Poole and then we pblished them ourselves with my son Ben on the road selling them to farmshops,garden centres and any shop that could sell a card with a rusty old tractor on it.

Later a few were published by Salmons the oldest calendar publisher in the country to compliment the Coopers Coutryside calendars.

Now in a small way I am publishing some more cards using some of the most popular of the images I have created over the years. The cards are available via this link to Love From the Artist a non pofitt organisation which helps artists manufacture and distribute their cards.

          So visit the above page at 'Love From the Artist'
             and view the cards that are now available.